Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Top 4: Female Arists

1. Nathalie Lete 
Nathalie Lete is a painter, ceramic and textile artist based in Paris, France. All of her work is so playful and whimsical. I know her mostly for her painted ceramic plates which can be found at Anthropologie. I would like to slowly but surely buy some of her work to hopefully have a nice little collection one day.

You can see Nathalie in action here.

2. Kate Jenkins 
I first came across Kate Jenkins work when Bryan and I went to the 2009 Toronto Art Gala. I was immediately drawn to her kitschy knitted and crocheted cafe! She created fried eggs on toast, shimmery sardines, berry tarts and so much more. She is a masterful genius when it comes to whipping up appetizing art. She is based in London, England which is where her art is being displayed at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery. If it were up to me I'd stock my entire fridge with her work because it would be so much fun to look at... but then I would die :(

3. Miranda July
Miranda July is a performance artist, musician, writer, actor and film director. You might know her from her film: Me, You and Everyone We Know which she wrote, directed and acted in. This film was witty, emotionally engaging and exploited peoples comfort zones. I also really liked her use of the colour pink. All of her work leaves an impression on me and resonates a certain nostalgia or strong sense of longing that I can relate to. She is currently working on her next film titled The Future which I cant wait to see.

4. Julie Moon 
Situated in Toronto, Canada Julie Moon is a highly conceptual ceramic artist. Her work intersects with notions of beauty, identity and gender. Whenever I view her work I am initially struck by the bizarre forms and then drawn into the minute details. She has had solo and group exhibitions in Toronto and New York. I will continue to be a loyal fan and cannot wait to see what she produces next.

There are so many artists that inspire me but these women really keep me going. They all possess whimsy, bravery and boldness in their work which are qualities that I admire and would like to remain true to during my own endeavors. 

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