Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Camping Adventure: Kawartha Provincial Park

Bryan and I had been dreaming about going back-country camping and this past weekend we finally did it. We camped in the Kawartha Provincial Park located right here in Ontario. We portaged twice, canoed on two lakes with all of our necessities and set up our 4 day  home on a beautiful, secluded piece of land. We swam, ate lots of homemade chili, rowed to little rocky havens, admired water lilies, befriended one frog and who knows how many chipmunks, shooed away daddy-long-legs, spied on raccoons, sunbathed, snuggled under a sleeping bag at night and laughed in front of roaring fires. It was just us for 4 days. No interruptions, no distractions, no city lights or city noise. We depended on our instincts and satisfied primal urges. Bryan imitated loon calls and I howled. Our hearts raced all weekend long.

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