Thursday, November 3, 2011


I've always wanted to participate in Canzine and this year I finally did. I set up my table with my paintings and poetry zines and for the first time, shared my work with the public. I wanted to decorate my table like my living room so the visitors could get a sense of what my world is like. Bryan (my wonderful boyfriend and trusty graphic design partner) received a lot of huge smiles from me every time someone bought my work. I was on cloud nine the entire day. I couldn't get over how supportive and enthusiastic everyone was. I also had the chance to walk around and meet some really amazing artists that I never heard of before. I will write an entire post on them and their work another day, for now here are some snapshots of my table.

By the way, here is a quick synopsis of the work I shared:

- Cat Shaped Love: A poetry compilation.

- Onderland: A poem dedicated to my typewriter who was missing the letter "W"

- Wallflower and Rose beards: Prints of a series of watercolour paintings I created

- Plant collage poster

If you would like to receive any of my art please send me an email to: and I'll gladly send you them, free of charge. Sharing is caring right? I hope to start selling my work in some stores around Toronto in 2012...we'll see what happens!

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