Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scotland 2011

On a whim, my dad and I decided to go to Scotland for 10 days.We spent 4 days together in Inverness with family and then I headed down to Glasgow to stay with some friends while he lingered in the north. Scotland is my second home. I feel so connected to my friends and family there and to the lush landscape. My trip was well rounded as I got to frolic in the highlands and then experience what it's like to be a "hip" and cultured Glaswegian with my friends Deena and Kim. I can't wait to go back!

My cousin Rory owns this popular pub in Inverness. We had many ceilidhs together, bagpipes and all. Video's coming soon.. 
A lovely afternoon in Findhorn, a beautiful beach just next to Nairn

The sea, the sea!

My uncle Alistair


Scotland isn't Scotland without an afternoon scone

We visited the graveyard in Forres where my grandma, grandfather and uncle are buried

Wilson and Munro

I fell in love with this boat, it reminded me of Bryan

One day I'd like to go sailing with Bryan here

Oh Findhorn, I will be back...

A wee, true Scottish doggie

Crabby bones

Heart shaped seaweed

A little teaser to a wee video I'll be sharing soon...

"Just don't take my wings"

My dad's childhood home, Forres Scotland

I dream of buying it one day...

A childhood friend, reunited

Millie's fireplace

All true Scottish ladies believe in faeries (I do too)

My dear dad, in front of his house

The view of the Black Isle from my uncles house in Inverness

My cousin Rory took us out on a boat on Loch Nessy!

The waves were choppy and the clouds grey but we never toppled and the sun stayed shining

We arrived at Urquhart castle by boat!

My cousins boat

The cutest cabin was through those doors, so cozy

castle in Inverness

Deena's welcome, home cooked meal. Best mac and cheese of my life!

Glasgow park

A lot of windows were decked with stained glass

I ate a vegan marshmallow and it ended up all over my journal

In total, I saw 4 rainbows in Scotland. This was one of them...<3

A river runs right through the west end!
Fancy and cozy pub
Occupied Glasgow in George Square

Deena and lovely friends

Deena! <3

Glasgow Science Centre!

Hi Deena!

Building dinosaurs with Deena and Aimee!

This happened at the Science Centre! Don't worry, the owner really loved these owls (I made sure of it!)

Midnight chinese food with some pals

Allan  and Jamie! What a great night we had, planetarium projection and all... 

The BEST vintage book store I've ever been too.

Wolfie, Deena and Allan's amazing cat!

We had a good snuggle on my last day

The flight home

Flying over Greenland!

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