Thursday, February 16, 2012

make yourself comfortable

I was feeling pretty cat-like in my bedroom today; throwing myself on my bed only to stretch out and relax. I picked up a book here and there, thought about drawing but never did. Instead I took some photos of odds and ends that I've been working on or enjoying and decided to share them with you. I've been collecting some lovely books recently on my travels and at home. My favourite book stores in Toronto are The Monkeys Paw and Balfour Books. I just love collecting books of all kinds!

No collection is complete without Christian Bok's, Eunoia

I bought  Fighting the Whales for my 7 year old nephew in Scotland. I adore him. Hi Kieran! 

I found these in a little vintage book shop in Glasgow during a recent trip

1930's smut poetry found at The Monkey's Paw

Found in Glasgow

Love and Freindship - Jane Austen

Witchcraft- Geoffrey Parrinder

Witchcraft- Geoffrey Parrinder

Picked up this gem at The Monkey's Paw

Catnip heals all!

Balfour find!

My paintings/cards 

An illustration of mine for Bryan and I's bi-annual carrot and cardamom jam 

neat little antique find -   I'm going to make it into a pin!

Both pieces bought from: Curious Oddities

French on one side...

English on the other!

Take To The Sea

 I'm currently writing a work of prose on Mermaids... these are some objects that help inspire me.

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  1. I love the Monkey's Paw ... they have such a strange array of books.