Wednesday, March 7, 2012


It was an uncanny 16 degrees in Toronto today and the sun was shining against a blue sky. I got out of bed and the first thing I did was open up all the windows and screen doors in my house. Feeling warm wind against your face for the first time after a chilly winter is one of the greatest feelings. It's like being surprised by a friendly lion.
I then made myself coffee and sat in my backyard with my cats all afternoon. I took my socks off, laid down on my patio and basked in the healing rays. I closed my eyes and started to dream about the citrus picnics, windowsill basil and plump cherries that Summer will soon bring with her.

To keep the positive energy flowing, I decided to browse and post some pictures of my experiences last summer. I look forward to bare shoulders, swimming in lakes, exploring barren landscapes and conversations in parks, late at night.

Summer, hey summer
I can feel your charm
and can't wait to love you
in your sweaty arms


cherry blossoms, my mama's backyard

Also, I recently visited Coriander Girl's new space- have you seen it yet? It's wonderful! Light, airy and full of beautiful things including Harry the bunny! As soon as Bryan and I walked into the space Alison whistled and Harry came hopping into the room. I've never met such a cute and social bunny in my life!

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