Monday, March 28, 2011

Road Trip: Maple Syrup Festival

I conspire escapes out of the city on a regular basis. I am constantly jotting down festivals, new conservation areas and farms while cross referencing maps. Bryan is my accomplice and last Sunday we ventured to Maple, Ontario to visit the Kortright Centre for their Sugar Bush Maple Syrup Festival. Did you know it takes 40 buckets of sap to make one bucket of maple syrup? Drip by drip the buckets are filled with sap which is actually 97% water and 3% sugar! No wonder maple syrup is so expensive! There is so much patience and hard work that is involved in the process.
The trails lead us from the antiquated method of distilling or "grandma's way" which consisted of three large cauldrons hovering above fire pits to modern day machines with built in temperature gauges. We then visited The Sugar Bush Shop where we bought maple syrup lollipops and a bottle of the golden nectar itself. You can find a maple syrup festival happening in your area here. Many locations offer a pancake breakfast and entertainment for the wee ones.

Grandma's way 
Stir the pot 

At last,  Maple Syrup!


The modern cauldrons 

Truly Canadian 

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