Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Life has been pretty sweet to me lately. Perhaps its because spring has finally started to reveal its character that I am feeling so thoroughly engaged with all that these bright days have to offer. I always start my day by greeting Penny with a good morning breakfast. Now that the weather has finally started to warm up, I've been letting her out of her pen to waddle around the garden. As if no time has passed at all she is back to her old ways; poking around for bugs, taking mud baths in sunny spots. Today however she did something new! With my tea and journal in tow, I made myself comfortable on a patio chair. To my surprise Penny, as if she were a puppy, laid down beside me. I couldn't believe it! And as if that moment wasn't sweet enough already, Millie, my favourite neighbourhood cat squeezed herself through the hole in the fence and joined the tea party. I picked Millie up in my arms which made Penny very jealous. She actually tried to jump up into my arms as well! In order to avoid a squabble I put Millie down and we all hung out in harmony. I love impromptu parties.

I love her feathers
Penny acting like a puppy and laying beside my chair

I've also been doing a fair amount of baking recently. Bryan and I visited the St.Lawrence Market last Saturday and bought some rosemary infused cheddar cheese. I decided to make some simple English scones and then folded in the cheddar. To top it off I paired it with some homemade pear jam that Bryan and I made last summer. It was yummy.

Also, this. Just cause. 

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