Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two Rosebuds

1. Today I had lunch with my dear friend Maddy who surprised me with a birthday present that I will absolutely treasure for a lifetime. It's a teeny tiny flower book! Inside are dainty illustrations which compliment descriptions of flowers including their genus, species and other botanical characteristics. I have already started to explore the contents and highlight my favourite flower names such as: Tree- mallow, Mouse-ear Chickweed, Ragged Robin, Sea-rocket and Bulbous Buttercup.

2. I start my Botany course this coming Friday! The course itself is a practical introduction and will end in August. The scientist in me wanted to focus in on the micro universe of flowers and be able to study their sexual and reproductive habits and the mortal combat involved in their existence. The writer in me wants to capture their poetic nature and expand my vocabulary with botanical diction. My career as an artist is slowly but surely starting to intersect with scientific curiosities and I can't wait to see the evolution of this path. Throughout my course I'll be sharing my  notes with you and any other facts that I think you'll find inspiring. Stay tuned.

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