Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trust Your Instincts

My friends Eva and Jesse invited Bryan and I up to a cottage in Wilberforce, Ontario last weekend. It was so nice to be able to clear my mind, relax and focus on new ideas, good food and adventure. We went on canoe explorations, broke into abandoned buildings, barbecued delicious meals, found relics and treasures, sunbathed, witnessed a wild thunderstorm, took risks and slept really well.
Before I left I knew I wanted to complete a project while I was there that involved silhouettes. I brought up a white sheet with me and borrowed some clothes pins from the cottage. Bryan helped me to hang the sheet between two trees and before I knew it we had set up a little shadow theatre stage in the middle of the forest! We took turns taking impromptu photos of each other and then Bryan filmed me for my video entitled: "I'll Never Forget You". I have posted both the pictures and video below. I've always liked playing with shadows and plan to do more silhouette performances in the future. 

Sweetheart mid dive
Eva's terrarium
My sketchbook- fly woman illustration (I am currently obsessed with drawing this image)
I couldn't help but paint the boat
Fire water
Eva and Steve
All of my treasures
My new favourite earrings
I found a raccoon skull
We found an abandoned hobbit house!
Old calendar in abandoned house
Setting up installation in forest

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